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Trading has taken a dominant place in society these days. Technological advances have now made it possible for persons such as yourself to access platforms online. These platforms support remote accessibility from the comfort of your home. Investing in cryptocurrency is desired and recommended for a reliable, long-term solution. Cryptocurrency provides a means for storing monetary assets on an online platform. Why would you invest in Cryptocurrency? Well, the reason is quite obvious. It acts as a medium that supports the full effects of any form of online trading.

  • To The software must be able to facilitate all the measures and protocols that trading entails. Not every company builds software that can accommodate the likes of inexperienced users. The BitQS software can accommodate users on an everyday basis who desire to learn. We are aware that most other companies are either not effective at distributing training in trading while some are only interested in extracting a fee from their users.
  • Do you want to be a victim of such disappointment and exploitation? If not, then you should come trade with our software. We have created a list of procedures to give you adequate and effective knowledge about the process. If you have already decided to stay on this page because you want to trade, then continue reading.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Have you ever wanted to engage in transactions on an international basis? Cryptocurrency is the right tool for doing just that. It allows you the convenience of manipulating online resources, for sales or profit and you can transfer money across the globe right now. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about going out to a location designated for that. The whole purpose of cryptocurrency is to stay anywhere and launch transactions at the press of a button. All you require is a stable internet connection.

What is Bitcoin?

If you have ever heard of Bitcoin, then you know they are becoming extremely popular. Bitcoins are a type of cryptocurrency that allow you to take part in online transactions from anywhere. Bitcoins go beyond the rules of banks and governments to bring a sense of freedom as it relates to your monetary needs. Bitcoin doesn’t only facilitate your online transaction but also allows them the speed and efficiency required for quick trades. The process is almost instant and they occur regardless of location.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was developed for public use in January 2009 and are in demand to this day. The creator of Bitcoin is named Nakamoto Satoshi, but it was later discovered that this is a made-up person. Originally, Bitcoin was developed as a means of an online trading system. For persons such as yourself, that means you get to exchange monetary assets of different values online. Bitcoin do not belong to anyone, person, or organization. Therefore, you should be aware that the rates may vary.

How to Gain Access to Bitcoin with BitQS?

If you intend to gain access to Bitcoins, then there are several ways you can come by them. Firstly, there is mining. However, if you don’t possess a mathematical or technological mindset, or a very strong computer, then you cannot retrieve them through this method. Instead what you can choose to do is purchase them. The first step in owning Bitcoins for any sort of use should begin with the possession of a digital wallet. Why own Bitcoins if you have nowhere to put them? As the name suggests, digital wallets facilitate storing capacities for digitalized or online currencies that you may possess. Digital wallets appear in two forms. These are:

Hot wallets

– Online services that manage your Bitcoins

Cold Wallets

– Offline mediums such as your device or an application designed to keep your Bitcoins

After gaining a digital wallet, the next step is to purchase Bitcoins. All that is required of you is to present any payment or billing sources for identity validation purposes. Bitcoins may prove to be quite costly. An alternative you can take is to purchase fractional Bitcoins. These prove convenient and inexpensive if you lack the money for large Bitcoin purchases, or if you are unsure as to whether you want to keep the Bitcoins. All it does is provide you with a small amount of Bitcoin, like a fraction of one. On the other hand, it attracts small fees. Additionally, you can convert your Bitcoins back to regular currency if you desire.

Bitcoin purchases don’t take long to verify, however as quickly as they may be, they aren’t instantaneous either.

How Bitcoins Operate?

As you know, Bitcoins are a type of cryptocurrency that has managed to form a trend in the recent decade. Bitcoins are built on complex codes that prove very difficult to decrypt. The complexity allows for Bitcoins to protect you from the likes of fraud, identity theft, or any criminal activities. You might ask how Bitcoins can do so? Well, you should become aware that Bitcoins are structured around blockchains. Blockchains are online records that log Bitcoin activities. Blockchains are made of clusters of data that you may partake in including the likes of:

  • Transactions
  • Date and times
  • Merchant
  • The value of Bitcoin involved in the transaction
  • The complexity and uniqueness of the code

You must know the blockchain can be viewed by anyone, including yourself, involved in the transaction. You can think of the blockchain as some form of the record book.

Why Are Bitcoins Trending?

Bitcoins have become a world-famous trend simply because of their increased stability rates and the capabilities they provide for individuals. Some would go on to say that Bitcoins are the new way to perform transactions outside of government policies. Cryptocurrency is trending simply because people believe in it. This level of belief paired with their reliability delivers on the fact that Bitcoin is one of the easiest investment options to date. Additional reasons include:

  • They represent stock investments that attract fewer fees and better returns for individuals like yourself.
  • You and other persons may view them as alternatives for receiving and sending money across the globe.
  • Despite a few decreases they have seen many drastic increases within a short space of time.
  • Companies are investing and recommending them as a reliable source of conducting reliable transactions.
  • Bitcoins are less prone to fraudulent activities recruiting the likes of more investors.
  • They are the leading source of cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Invest in Bitcoins with BitQS?

Bitcoins are reasonable investments that you should take an interest in. As the world moves towards a more digitized approach, you must get involved. Investing in Bitcoin can help you to do so. You should advocate investing in Bitcoins for these reasons:

  • Stable when compared with the likes of other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin network proves to be reliable as transactions can be processed across the globe. This can occur through the likes of a simple text message.
  • Proves to be a temporary backup solution for storing currency should you become involved in an incident regarding money loss.
  • Notoriety encourages millions of individuals to believe it is the future of monetary transactions. Why wait? Make an early investment before the signup and depositary process becomes more tedious and lengthy to complete
  • Use it as a means of recording information that you can easily access from anywhere. When you review this, information is represented in the form of reports or transaction logs that can replace receipts.
  • Use it to conduct online business platforms, sales, or purchases with less risk of account fraud being involved.
  • Bitcoins have no tax value assigned to them. You can then invest in Bitcoins as much as you desire without having to worry about the inconvenience of usage or other fees.
  • They allow you to send and receive currency despite your location.
  • Bitcoins act similar to possessing cash making it and easy to complete transactions.
  • It allows you full control over your money. This means it provides you with the ability to achieve full control over how your money is spent and the charges that occur. Most charges that apply to your debit and credit cards don’t exist. No vendor can force undesired or unnoticeable charges that you are unaware of. Another way it exerts control is by granting freedom to you. Bitcoin allows you to omit personal details from transactions.
  • Provide a high sense of security that includes complex encryption.
  • Inexpensive in most cases.
  • Perform transactions conveniently and in most cases almost instantaneously.

Why Should You Trust Bitcoin?

Bitcoins prove trustworthy when protecting your data but also important credentials you possess. These properties may vary from the likes of your money, your card information, or even your identity. For you to understand how Bitcoins can perform this, you must become aware of the processes, data, and level of manipulation involved.

As mentioned above blockchains are a way of accessing data that is involved in Bitcoin purchasing. However, blockchains are accessible but prove safer and more reliable than the process entails. You may have come across the fact that anyone with a link can access and add to the information existing in a blockchain. This is true with the addition that anyone who seeks to edit or add to the information must be approved by all other link account holders. This means that confirmation must be given by all account holders involved in the blockchain before the data can be edited or updated. Additionally, for any individual to even gain access to edit the blockchain, their encryption pattern and digital wallet credentials must match.

Another factor you can consider for reassurance of the safety involved with Bitcoins is that the coding makes them extremely, if not impossible to decode by any individual or system. The codes contain extensive attributes that are placed in no specific order. This also makes it difficult for any unauthorized individual to gain access to your digital wallet at random.

The Future of Bitcoin

You may be wondering what the future of Bitcoin looks like. Bitcoins, like all other cryptocurrencies, have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Some individuals argue that Bitcoins resemble regular currency that you utilize in your everyday life, and for that reason, it should be allowed to be spent. You could say that Bitcoin does act like regular currency and can be promoted to everyday usage. Imagine the possibilities that it could bring forth just by simply allowing international currency exchange. This could open job sectors for you and make your life easier. You can also use Bitcoins as means to support investments in any way you see fit, after all, there are no rules on how you decide to use them.

Most companies have taken a step in accommodating the use of Bitcoins. It seems like the new way to go for them and has controlled much of their currency.

From the analysis of the evidence given, you can say that Bitcoin is steadily approaching a global scale and does have the potential to become a standard medium for online transactions. It would be wise to possess even a small share of Bitcoins now. Why wait, start training and looking into trading this crypto.

BitQS - Frequently Asked Questions


If you engage in owning or participating in Bitcoin trading, then you should know that no specific individual controls Bitcoins. Bitcoins, being an alternative to government-based or bank intermediaries, are not under any type of organizational control. They are regarded as being decentralized so you never have to worry about who controls your cryptocurrency.


Bitcoins are created from a process defined as mining. Bitcoin mining involves producing the cryptocurrency by increasing the number of transactions to your blockchain. The process in itself seems easy, but it promises to give you a challenge. You go about receiving Bitcoins when you solve mathematical problems. The process does get tedious as the complexity of problems increase. Moreover, you are required to have access to powerful machines and ridiculous amounts of electricity to mine a single coin. As time progresses the number of Bitcoins you can retrieve through this method decreases. At some point, there will be no more Bitcoins to mine.


BitQS is convenient as we help you put your money to work by allowing you to easily trade Bitcoin. The recent trend in Bitcoins is caused by the increase in individuals that are allowed to participate in trading at any moment in time. Our software allows you to compete and trade alongside companies at any moment in time despite your location. Imagine being at home, school, work, or even a family get-together and being able to partake in trading. All you need to do to gain this level of convenience is download, sign up and log in using the BitQS software.